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26 Idaho cities ranked by total number of sex offenders

As indicated by the National List of Registered Offenders, Idaho’s sex offender law dates back to July 1, 1993. Briefly, the act stated that convicted sexual predators were legally required to register their sex crimes with law enforcement. local order.

What began as a static state-maintained list has since evolved into the Sex Offender Registration Notification and Community Right to Know Act of 1998. The law reforms aim to prevent recidivism among convicted sex offenders. How? By disclosing their crimes to local law enforcement as well as local residents.

Registration with the ISOR obliges convicts to:

  • register their information and crimes with the local sheriff within two business days of conviction or a court judgment;
  • verify information reported to the local sheriff four months after the initial disclosure;
  • and new Idaho residents to register with ISOR within 10 business days of arrival.

The agenda of the reformed law leaves no room for interpretation. Convicted sex offenders in Idaho, we’re watching you all.

As of Wednesday, May 4, 2022, Gem State had 5,125 registered sex offenders according to the Idaho Sex Offender Registry maintained by the Idaho State Police.

Below, 26 cities in Idaho were surveyed for their total number of convicted sex offenders. How many live in your city?

To search for your neighborhood, visit the Idaho Sex Offender Registry Search here.

Friendly neighbor or sexual deviant? 26 Idaho cities ranked by total number of sex offenders

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