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A new national musical talent comes out of Idaho

It’s as if she were one with the instrument.

Who is Katrina Nicolayeff?

Idaho has its share of talented musicians, including Meridian’s Katrina Nicolayeff. She is a string virtuoso, and she is the new Tennessee Valley Violin Champion as well as the Alabama Violin Champion. She has picked up trophies at recent events.

Idaho isn’t exactly a stranger to bluegrass and country music strains. It is featured in the movie Sun Valley Serenade from 80 years ago. The settlers who came here brought popular forms of music to the rest of rural America.

The woman is a budding star

I hadn’t heard of Katrina until I saw the news of her talent and awards. I pulled out some videos of his work and was impressed. Her concentration is impeccable, hence the observation that the violin is only an extension of what she imagines in her head. She is also already quite well known in the musical circuit. Given the material won by the woman, I think we will hear a lot more about her. She faced some of the toughest competitors in North America.

Katrina will travel

It definitely helps that we live in a time where anyone can quickly pull up a video and watch Katrina’s work. This saves weeks of putting together a demo, then mailing it out and hoping someone on the other end pulls it out of the pile. I believe she has a busy touring schedule as word of her talent spreads.

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