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Biz ‘Bites:’ Idaho hires more easily than national average

Idaho Hires Easier Than National Average

Click to enlarge. Painting by Catie Clark

The most recent results released by the US Census Bureau show that small businesses in Idaho found hiring slightly easier than the national average, which, admittedly, doesn’t say much. The survey indicated that nationally, an average of 30% of small businesses surveyed reported difficulty hiring. In Idaho, that statistic was 28.2% of small businesses surveyed. In summary, more than a quarter of small businesses struggle to fill their vacancies. The median for small businesses with hiring problems was 31.4% nationally.

Idaho for the hiring problem was even better than 37 of the 52 states and territories. Comparing Idaho to neighboring states, Wyoming (19.2%) and Montana (25.5%) had better hiring performance and Nevada (29.5%), Washington (31.2%) ), Utah (31.9%) and Oregon (34.7%) had poorer hiring performance.

The Simplot High Bay Freezer in Caldwell.  Photo by Catie Clark.

The Simplot High Bay Freezer in Caldwell. Photo by Catie Clark

Simplot recognized for its energy efficiency
Governor Brad Little presented an award for energy efficiency to the JR Simplot Company. The award, given to the company’s Caldwell plant, recognizes the company-wide goal of reducing energy intensity by 15% by 2030 and the company’s ongoing programs for reduce its energy footprint, the governor’s office said. In 2020, the company completed upgrades to its High Bay Freezer building to include efficient lighting, air conditioning and a reflective roof. In total, this project will save more than 6.3 million kilowatt-hours of energy per year, or the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 590 households in one year. This unique project will save approximately $ 317,000 per year.

“JR Simplot has been a leader in many areas, and I am proud to recognize the company for its leadership in energy efficiency. They demonstrate that energy efficiency is a smart business practice that has the added benefit of making Idaho more energy secure, ”Little said in a statement.