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Elk City Reach Club, Inc. Receives $ 7,000 Idaho Future Fund Grant From Idaho Community Foundation For Early Childhood Education | Elk city

ELK CITY – Elk City REACH Club, Inc. has received a grant of $ 7,000 from the Idaho Future Fund of the Idaho Community Foundation for the operation of its preschool program for the upcoming school year. The REACH Club has existed in Elk City for twenty years. Originally funded by a local consortium, Centers of Discover, received grants from Twentieth Century School for the first eighteen years. Initially, several schools in the area participated and a preschool in Elk City was included in the application as there were none in the Elk City area. About fifteen years after the start of the grant process, the nursery school was withdrawn from the grant, but REACH was able to continue using the savings funds. In 2018, the local consortium including REACH Club, Inc. did not receive any grants, but Elk City was able to continue operating using the savings and money from fundraising. In the summer of 2020, a new five-year 21st century school grant was awarded to the consortium and although the REACH club of Elk City received part of the grant, no funding for the preschool program could be made. included.

REACH continued to finance preschool from savings and fundraising. Thanks to Dennis Kachelmier for applying to the Idaho Community Foundation for a grant to operate the preschool for the coming year. The grant will cover salaries and operating expenses for the coming year. Donations to REACH Club, Inc. are always welcome, and the Board of Directors and employees are proud to be able to provide these services to the local community. If you would like to donate or get more information, contact Sue Phillips or Alyssa Stibal.