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Governor signs $325 million Idaho agriculture and water infrastructure bill

MURTAUGH, Idaho (KLIX) – Millions of dollars will be directed to Idaho agriculture and water projects across the state following a bill signing ceremony Monday at Lake Murtaugh. Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 769 next to water from Lake Murtaugh, an important reservoir for Magic Valley agriculture, which will provide $325 million to various projects throughout the Gem State. One of the projects includes a pipeline to Mountain Home Air Force Base and an Anderson Ranch Dam expansion project. The funds will also be used for various improvements to the districts’ water infrastructure and irrigation canals while supporting water recharge on the Upper Snake River system. “Idaho is the nation’s leader in co-managing its water resources. We know that the water behind us is directly connected to the water below us. We have done a great job of managing the resource, but we need to do more as our state grows and continually faces water scarcity. With these one-time investments, we can increase our storage capacity to better withstand drought years,” Governor Little said. House Bill 769 was sponsored by Representative Matt Bundy and Senator Carl Crabtree.

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