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Here is the zodiac sign for 18 different cities in Idaho

So, you may have heard recently that Jennifer Lopez, the famous actress/singer/model/all of the above, actually fired her replacement dancer because of her star sign. That’s right – she fired her backup dancer on her sign, and during an audition to be a dancer for J-Lo, she allegedly asked anyone who was a Virgo to raise their hand before letting them know that they were no longer needed.

It’s insane to me but I also feel like there are a lot of people like J-Lo who have such a strong belief in astrology…or is there? According to, only one in four Americans believe in astrology. I have to say I’m in the majority on this one and think most of it is imaginary. I find it hard to believe that a handful of zodiac signs apply to millions of people across the planet based on their date of birth. I do not see it.

However, out of curiosity, I was wondering what the traits would be for cities in Idaho. So I took the liberty of researching the founding dates of 18 Idaho towns to use as their “anniversaries” and researched their zodiac signs to determine what the “traits” of those towns in Idaho would be. ‘Idaho.

Are they accurate? Are they inaccurate? Rather – do you believe in astrology and have proof that it is actually true? I would love to hear about it here! With all that said, let’s dive into the zodiac signs of 18 different cities in Idaho and see how accurate they are.

Here’s Every Zodiac Sign For 18 Cities In Idaho

Using a variety of resources, we researched the zodiac signs of 18 Idaho towns based on the earliest date of establishment or incorporation that we could find. Are these zodiac traits correct?

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