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Idaho ANG A-10 Thunderbolt II trains with USMC F-35B

The Idaho Air National Guard (ANG) in the United States conducted an integration and training exercise with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 225 at Gowen Field in Idaho.

A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft pilots from the 190th Fighter Squadron (FS), 124th Fighter Wing, Idaho ANG trained alongside the F-35 Lightning II pilots from VMFA 225.

Four F-35B fighters were deployed for the training.

Lt. Col. Mike Hampton, 190th FS Director of Operations, said: “The F-35B is a fifth generation fighter and the Marine Corps version of the Joint Strike Fighter, which uses a vertical short take-off landing.

“It can take off and land vertically on boats or short unconventional type airstrips and is unprecedented in its ability to identify, locate and destroy the most modern air defenses on the battlefield. “

According to the US Air Force (USAF), integration and training with cells of different generations offers essential lessons for improving combat readiness and working together in future conflicts.

The training focused on the strengths of each cell and offered the two services the opportunity to fight together.

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124th FW Colonel Commandant Chad Kornberg said, “Training with other units is essential for our wing to maintain combat readiness.

“We typically operate in a joint combat environment, working hand in hand with other services, and this training is imperative to prepare our pilots for combat operations.”