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Idaho authorities arrest poacher after 23 years

Twenty-three years is a long time whether you’re in the military, serving time in jail, or growing up in America. Idaho Fish and Game have heard complaints and accusations against Paul D. Coward, 55, for the past twenty-three years.

After conducting a three-year investigation into allegations of illegal hunting and other violations, Coward pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the following: revocation of his ten-year hunting privileges in Idaho.

The ban will also apply to the other 48 member states of the Wildlife Violator Compact. He will serve 90 days in the county jail on a five-year suspended prison sentence.

Coward will serve his sentence thirty days a year, according to Idaho Fish and Game in a press release. The thirty jail terms each year are meant to ensure Coward does not participate in archery swing season. The court ordered him to pay $ 16,000 in fines, restitution, court costs and $ 10,000 for illegal possession of a mountain goat.

Idaho Fish and Game summarized some of the charges against Coward in a press release. “In early 2021, Coward was charged with numerous misdemeanor and felony violations resulting from multiple search warrant executions, including possession of drugs and paraphernalia, outfitting / guiding without a license, illegal possession of firearms, big game hunting on illegal bait and a felony count of possession of illegally caught wild animals, i.e. a mountain goat he killed in Washington and which was hiding in his home in St. Maries . “

Idaho Fish and Game says these cases are difficult to prove due to the vast nature of hunting in Idaho. They thank the community and law enforcement for helping them resolve poaching cases in our state.

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