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Idaho can’t follow in Seattle’s footsteps

Re: Far Right story moving in Idaho:

“Winder said the upcoming general election is important and called on Idahoans to stand up for what is right….” Much of the opposition and controversy comes from people who have just moved in in our state, so we have to figure out find a way to keep Idaho, Idaho,” he said. …“Don’t let the far right take control. Vote for people who are reasonable and will listen,” Winder said on the 40 Minutes broadcast. Stennett agreed.”

Dear Senators Winder and Stennet:

I noticed your comments in the Bonner County Daily Bee. Your comments were nothing more than ad hominem (“far right”) attacks.

I am a retired teacher from Washington State (Federal Way, Seattle, Bellevue) and Amherst, Massachusetts. My areas of study were middle and high school language arts, social studies, and English language learners. I have worked with students from all parts of the world, including many from Central America, Ukraine, Russia, China, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Israel. For years, I taught teachers about my students’ cultures, learning styles, and how best to convey their programs to someone who didn’t know English. After my retirement, I replaced in all areas. I was a Democrat voter until I saw my first stolen election re: Christine Grégoire and Dino Rossi. I voted for Grégoire and realized weeks later that his victory was based on fraudulent ballots. It is a well-known and now forgotten story.

I have personally been horrified by the degradation of the program in Washington, a program that I know has been exported across the country in teaching schools. In my case, my supervisor advised me in a meeting that I should not teach English grammar. Marxist race theory and the sex education curriculum have hurt students and hurt our country. Maybe you agree? I hope so. Which leads me to ask you these questions: What is your explicit definition of the far right taking hold in Idaho? Do you see me as someone to kick out of Idaho?

I ask because I lived in Seattle for a dozen years and, of course, went to town for a myriad of reasons. My husband worked in South Seattle and around the Puget Sound as an engineer. We have seen our beautiful Emerald City fall into the worst of corruption to include legalized drugs that have thus welcomed armed and experienced gangs from Los Angeles and Mexico. The Seattle/Puget Sound area is one of the main centers for child trafficking and homeless encampments. I expect you to be knowledgeable about the state of American cities run by progressives that can be likened to Third World cities.

We left because western Washington was no longer safe, livable, and free. What do I mean by livable? For example, walk your dog and realize that he is heading for a needle left on the grass (Issaquah Highlands). Maybe it was because I ran into a drugged man who threatened me and was about to defecate a few feet from my apartment and Snoqualmie Parkway. I imagine, senators, that you have not had to deal too much with these matters. If you think they’re inconsequential, maybe that’s why you want me to leave Idaho. I need to see your definitions with examples. Yes, I realize that sounds like a request from the teacher, but my students could never have gotten away with name-calling or sloppy rhetoric, like “extreme right”.

What do you defend on these subjects? As for my family, we are sounding the alarm so that Idaho does not make the mistakes made by Seattle.