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Idaho first responders gather for mental health conference

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) – Whether it’s responding to a house fire, a car accident or helping a woman give birth, first responders are there for people during many different emergencies.

Often that means helping someone through their worst day.

“All of us, whether firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency communications officers or emergency room personnel, know we are going to be there and that we’re going to have to deal with these things when they happen,” Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said.

Seeing the effect being a first responder has on their mental health, a conference was born, bringing together both resources and people to help first responders.

“It’s a two-day conference. We’re trying to provide lots of resources, education, breaking the stigma, confidential tools, and getting these first responders through these difficult professions,” said conference founder Shawn Thompson.

Kingsbury says this is a good opportunity for him as a leader.

“But also as a leader, it is important that I acquire certain skills that I may need. I’ve been doing this job for 32 years, and none of us are immune to trauma, vicarious trauma or otherwise, right after years of service in a first responder profession. “, did he declare.

A firefighter says he can’t wait to bring what he learned back to the fire station.

“Being able to deal with it, talk about it, end the stigma attached to it, that we have to be tough, we have to be resilient and be open to new techniques to be able to deal with it,” said Dan Gould of the Twin Falls Fire Department.

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