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Idaho Freedom Foundation, Corey DeAngelis, host of Idaho Freedom Action, for the Fund Students, Not Systems rally

The Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Freedom Action are pleased to announce an upcoming rally featuring Corey DeAngelis, a leading advocate for educational choice and National Director of Research at the American Federation for kids.

The rally will take place on Monday, February 7, 2022 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Basque Center in downtown Boise. Corey will address the urgent need for school choice in Idaho and discuss how parents can advocate for policies that give them control over their children’s education.

During his visit, Corey will also meet with lawmakers to discuss why Idaho should fund students, not systems. He will advocate for policies that empower students and their families to pursue the education method that works best for them.

Corey is also executive director of the Educational Freedom Institute, senior fellow at the Reason Foundation, and associate fellow at the Cato Institute. His research on the effects of school choice has been published in dozens of journals, reports and books.

Space for the Fund Students, Not Systems Rally is limited, so reserve your free tickets now. Click here to register your seats now.

Can’t show up in person? Watch the rally live on the IFF’s Facebook page at