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Inflation could force pizza onto Idaho Thanksgiving tables

let them eat cake is attributed to Marie-Antoinette but the phrase is perhaps apocryphal. In other words, it looks like it might be true, but there is no certain historical record. She didn’t live in the modern era where there are quote records available online at a fraction of a second.

Sean Patrick Maloney is one of the most powerful members of the United States House of Representatives. The Hudson Valley Democrat in New York was doing an interview with local media when asked about inflation. What advice does he have for his constituents? He suggested they eat more spaghetti from Chef Boyardee. Having stocked up on canned pasta as a kid, let’s just say I’d have a few more ideas ahead of time. It’s heavy in salt and sugar and the macaroni tastes overcooked. My personal opinion, but that’s what I remember.

The Maloney moment is a window into the lives of our masters.

I read a story earlier this week about the cost of Thanksgiving. Some families skip the party entirely due to the cost. Another story says that some of us will save by eating pizza. Contrary to Maloney’s idea, I can bite into the pizza suggestion! I’ve never come across a pizza that I didn’t like and I could probably eat it every day. Although I love turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, I would choose pizza for most meals over ham.

I will add a caveat. I like pineapple with cooked ham. On pizza, pineapple is an aberration! What an insult to pizza.

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