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Ms. Idaho America 2021 inspiring others to never give up

IDAHO – Griffen Turnbull has been crowned Ms. Idaho-America 2021. She is now using her platform to help others by sharing her journey with IVF.

Turnbull was crowned Mrs. Idaho in June, a competition celebrating women of all ages and professions.

“I felt so grateful like I was still crying and I worked really hard for it,” Turnbull said. “I never thought it would be possible.”

The first thing she did after winning was to give her husband and mother a hug.

Griffen turnball

“It was really good and finally my husband got on stage and was like, ‘I have to give you a hug, sorry,'” said Turnbull. “It was so special”

The contest, winning the crown and being surrounded by so many amazing women is what she said gave her the courage to share her story.

“I had three rounds of IVF and two frozen embryo transfers and miscarried twins but kept trying. I kept going. I knew it was going to happen,” said Turnbull. “There was a time when I didn’t think it would, but if you work hard and keep going you never know and it might open other doors.”

When she started her journey with IVF, she said she felt lonely because she hadn’t heard from anyone else who had gone through it. But now that she has started using her platform to talk about it, more and more women are feeling less lonely.


Griffen turnball

“I spoke to over 20 women who were going through the same thing and they loved that I was open because they didn’t know anyone else who was going through the same thing,” said Turnbull. “It opened all these doors of communication with all these parents, and we created a community around that.”

She said it created a “monster” in her who never gives up. And now she has a beautiful 3 year old daughter named Joey.

“Give yourself a little grace. It’s good to feel sad, it’s okay not to be well, you don’t have to show up every day and you don’t need to. be perfect, ”said Turnbull. “Take time, treat yourself, then get up and work harder the next day. It’s better. “


Griffen turnball

She also uses her platform to help families in difficulty. She sits on the board of directors of the Children’s Village, a shelter for abused and neglected children. Turnbull also volunteers at the homeless shelter, Saint Vincent De Paul, while running his own business.

“This is what keeps me going,” she said. “I hope to inspire people in our state. I hope they can start big movements in their own communities, and it starts small.”

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