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Rigby, Idaho community rallies after school shooting

RIGBY, Idaho – Community members recognize two staff at Rigby Middle School in Idaho for their exploits during a shootout on Thursday.

Police said a Grade 6 girl opened fire, hitting a guard and two students before being disarmed by a teacher.

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That guard was Jim Wilson, according to sources familiar with the incident. He has been working at the school for about 30 years and the students love him.
Friends and family say Krista Gneiting was the teacher who disarmed the student. Many call him a hero, including a mother and daughter.
“My daughter was actually at school yesterday with the shooting,” Christy Ringel said. “She was in that class and Ms. Gneiting was her teacher.”

The school was not in session Friday and advice was available for school employees, students and parents.

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The Rigby community is growing. Billboards, banners and other demonstrations of support appear in the city.
A local business called Pick Me Up Soda is offering free sodas to anyone who wants them during this difficult time. They are also collecting donations for those affected by the shooting.

“Where we can’t control a lot of the situation around us, we can control one thing … make people happy, try to improve their days a little bit and really give them a lift,” manager Syndee Dahlke noted. “We had so many people crying at the window. And I know it’s something small, just a drink, but it really brightens people’s day.

GoFundMe campaigns were installed for Wilson and the two students who were shot.