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‘Rigby Strong’: Eastern Idaho Community Unites to Support Rigby Victims

Residents of eastern Idaho have decorated the city, created GoFundMe and other donation accounts and more to support victims and their families.

RIGBY, Idaho – Eastern Idaho is coming together to support the Rigby community in what they call “Rigby Strong”.

A sixth-grade girl reportedly shot and injured three people with a handgun at Rigby Middle School on Thursday. Two students and a guard sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Jefferson County law enforcement has arrested the student and is continuing to investigate the why and how of the event.

Meanwhile, residents of eastern Idaho decorated fences, created posters to place around the city, started GoFundMe and other donation accounts, and more to support victims and their families.

Several accounts have been verified by the GoFundMe Trust & Safety team:

Krista Gneiting, a math teacher at the college, is also receiving praise in the community for arresting the sixth grader. She disarmed the gunman and detained her until law enforcement managed to stop her.

Gneiting also has a GoFundMe account created by community members, which has also been verified by the Trust & Safety team.

“My heart is touched by all the incredible outpouring of love that I have received,” Gneiting said in a Facebook post Thursday. “Thanks. I don’t want any money, I just appreciate Rigby’s amazing support !!! I love my students so much! That’s why I teach !! They make my heart happy every day! !!! the Rigby staff did their part and kept our wonderful children safe! Thank you! I love you all and we will get through this together.

Other donation accounts have been set up to help support victims of Thursday’s shooting.

“When I heard it was him, I immediately fell for it again because it just got so much more real,” said Jessica Mondy, from eastern Idaho. “It was someone I know.”

Mondy graduated from Rigby High School in 2014 and had several encounters with Jim Wilson, the injured goalkeeper on Thursday. She remembered when she was in the group at school and forgot her instrument in the group room, Wilson would always unlock the door. Mondy said he was very nice.

When she heard about the Rigby Middle School tragedy, she knew she had to do something to help.

“They have workers’ compensation insurance and compensation, but that never covers 100% of everything,” Mondy said. “There is going to be so much more going on for him that he is going to have to overcome, mentally and physically from this situation, I just wanted everything I could to help.”

Mondy opened an account for Wilson through the Idaho Central Credit Union and people can donate there using Venmo. She has been in contact with Wilson’s wife Linda and gave him the details of the account.

Mondy will also pay 95% of its commission to Cosmetics Farmasi next week in Wilson. She said the product she keeps will only be used for shipping, so customers don’t have to pay for it.

It’s not just Mondy who uses her platform to help, Amy Martin and her husband are raising funds through their business for the three victims and supporting the Rigby community.

Martin said Rigby holds a special place in his heart as it is one of the first places they were able to open their business, Come get me. The Rigby soda shack will be offering free drinks at their Rigby location until Saturday. They said it was the best way to help people feel supported and relaxed during this time.

Pick Me Up also accepts cash and check donations at five of their locations in eastern Idaho. The funds they receive will go directly to the three shooting victims and the Martins will match donations up to $ 10,000.

“We believe in the law of giving and we know there are others who need it right now,” Martin said. “We are so happy to contribute.”