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Snow arrives in eastern Idaho on Thursday

AMMON – Some cities are preparing plows for an expected snowstorm that will head into eastern Idaho on Thursday.

In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, the City of Ammon wrote, “A snow event is expected. Please remove all parked vehicles from the streets.

“The current forecast for the Idaho Falls/Rexburg area is two to three inches and it would likely be late (Thursday) afternoon through about midnight. But there could be some light snow before that time and some light snow after that as well,” Dawn Harmon, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service in Pocatello, told

Harmon explains that Pocatello expects a little less snow, about one to two inches, and the highway could vary.

“I really wouldn’t be surprised if this whole Interstate-15 corridor ends up in the one to three inch range,” she said.

All of eastern Idaho is predicted to have snow, but the highest amounts are likely to be found at the highest elevations along the Wyoming border, from at least Island Park to Soda Springs. .

“If you’re planning to pass, say, Pine Creek Pass, we would probably expect something more in the five to eight inch range for this system passing tomorrow (Thursday) night,” she said.

Thursday evening’s snow will most likely have an impact on motorists. People can probably expect to see snow falling between 3 and 5 p.m.

“When this system crosses the Interstate-15 corridor will likely impact the evening commute, so people should be prepared for slippery driving conditions on the way home from work and…whatever whatever evening activities they might have,” she said. “There could be a bit of wind overnight in some places, so if the snow is loose enough we could have localized areas of blowing snow.”

As the weekend approaches, Harmon says the weather should return to low cloud and fog, as the region has seen for the past few days.