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The Monday Roundup: Tech check, Idaho Stop for all, and more

Welcome to the week.

Here are the most notable stories our writers and readers have come across over the past seven days…

Sad but true: Parody about DOTs and crosswalks that’s so close to reality and so timely it’s almost not funny. (The onion)

Idaho stop for all! : At a major Vision Zero conference, a federal administrator who works for NHTSA said he analyzed data from places where “stops as yields” laws apply to cyclists and they like what they see. (Streetsblog USA)

Electric bike style: For an American e-bike brand to really go mainstream, it has to be sleek and sexy like the VanMoof brand. (New York Times)

Big question: I’m just happy to see the automotive media asking whether or not a separate license should be required to drive certain types of consumer vehicles. (The reader)

Transit attitudes: This extensive survey of commuters in the Washington DC area should be a wake-up call for city planners and add even more urgency to efforts to make driving worse while dramatically improving transit service. (Washington Post)

Technique, first part: Audi believes it has found a way to make cycling safer with a high-tech communications protocol that can ping drivers and cyclists before a collision. (stopped)

Technique, second part: As part of their vision zero campaign, city planners in London have worked with a company to insert sensors on bikes with the aim of finding hotspots and other warning signs of danger. (See Meaning)

Technique, third part: Renowned transport journalist David Zipper says that despite car manufacturers’ enthusiasm, advanced driver assistance systems will not lead to a safety utopia. (The edge)

Bicycle subsidies: The City of Denver has spent over $4 million helping people use e-bikes and it’s been so successful that the program’s backers are asking for more money to make it work. (Fast Society)

Cycling through Covid: Researchers John Pucher and Ralph Buehler give the city of Portland high marks for helping people keep cycling during the pandemic. (Streetsblog USA)

Video of the week : The inimitable filmmaker Casey Neistat returns to one of his pet peeves with a proposal to finally remedy it…

Thanks to everyone who shared links this week.